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Phase 1: Spring Mushrooms

Between March 21-April 25, 2019, the ensemble created three "mushroom" performances that emerged in Washington DC, online, and globally.
Learn more below. 

March 28 & April 25, 2019

Intertidal Vessels

7:45 pm, Georgetown Waterfront Labyrinth

Make visible the invisible. Intertidal Vessels marks this year's spring equinox with multidisciplinary site-responsive performance at the side of the Potomac River. Join THE EARTH, THAT IS SUFFICIENT ensemble at the Georgetown Waterfront Park Labyrinth for dance, music, ritual. 

Intertidal Vessels, created by Annalisa Dias, Melissa Strova Valencia, and Kara Turner, is a "mushroom" performance as part of phase one of the earth, that is sufficient.

Melissa Strova-Valencia.JPG
Kara Turner_Headshot_edited.jpg

March 23-April 23, 2019

Peak Bloom

a digital event

We ask you to join us in this spring ritual of blooming. You can write about the sunshine or about your anger, burn your offering in a window box or a meadow, film and share your participation on social media, or do it for just yourself and the dirt. Join us in the labor it takes to flower.

#WeldersEarth #PeakBloom

Peak Bloom, created by Nina Budabin McQuown & DeLesslin George-Warren with contributions from Eric Swartz & Annalisa Dias, is a "mushroom" performance as part of phase one of the earth, that is sufficient.


May 17, 2019


Live now.

Lucy's (the australopithecus) bones have been shipped to 3 different places across the globe. In this fragmented state she awakens to find an unfamiliar upside down world. She tries to find her way home, calling on creeks and rivers to guide her. Will she find the place she is looking for?


Join us in a contemplation on the erosion of land, bodies, and boundaries, as we, like Lucy, try to navigate an uncertain future shaped by the climate crisis.
Erode/Return, created by and featuring mia susan amir, Cecilia Cackley, and Sanam Emami, is a "mushroom" performance as part of phase one of the earth, that is sufficient.
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