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Intertidal Vessels

Created and performed by Annalisa Dias, Kara Turner, & Melissa Strova Valencia.
This is the program from March 28. Learn more!
See below for video, audio, and images from the performance.
Intertidal Vessels marks this year's spring equinox with a multidisciplinary site-responsive performance at the edge of the Potomac River.
Movement 1: The Extraction  
Movement 2: The Exhibition 
Movement 3: The Connection
Lucy the australopithecus is a potent metaphor and image for the ways in which bodies & beings are turned into objects. Lucy’s bones were dug up and extracted from their resting place in the earth by white American and European paleoanthropologists in the 1970s. She was taken and put on display, examined and treated as an object, run through scanners, made part of a narrative about ancestry and evolution. She was returned to Ethiopia in 2013. The text you hear in movement 2 are real quotes related to the 2007-2013 exhibition tour of Lucy’s bones.
Additional acknowledgements
Graphic Design: Anna Lathrop
Assistant Producer: Mel Harper
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