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Climate Futures

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Through CLIMATE FUTURES we invite you to participate in an immersive multimedia installation + performance + celebration to engage the following questions:

How do we experience the movement of time? How do we experience hope as we move into a future where the planet's climate has been permanently altered? How do we think about the interconnected resilience of earth’s waterways here at the edges of the Potomac River, and north across the Atlantic in the melting Arctic?

Created by the ensemble of the earth, that is sufficient, CLIMATE FUTURES is presented by The Welders in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden.

Doors 2 PM
FREE admission | Family friendly

Event guests will also have the opportunity to see Glacier -- a photo exhibition of the Arctic by Ragnar Axelsson (RAX), one of Iceland’s most prominent photographers -- in gallery FYRAFEM in the building’s lower level.

CLIMATE FUTURES has been made possible by The Welders, the Embassy of Sweden, the American Scandinavian Association, TCG’s Global Connections Program, the Puffin Foundation & the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.

About this Partnership:
The Welders are pleased to partner with the Embassy of Sweden for CLIMATE FUTURES as part of the earth, that is sufficient. The project’s lead artist and Welder, AnnalisaDias, traveled to the Scandinavian Arctic with her collaborator DeLesslin “Roo” George-Warren in spring 2018 to learn from and connect with Sami

artist-activists. This research residency was supported by the American Scandinavian Association, the Sami Center for Contemporary Art (Norway), and the TCG Global Connections Program.

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